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JMS Composites can manufacture,  and assemble quality custom composite products at competitive prices. We also can provide tooling, engineering, and machining services. We diligently strive to maintain a green environment. 


In 1967 Glasgo Plastics was established in Springfield, Ohio. In 2003 Glasgo was acquired by JMS Industries, which led to the birth of JMS Composites.  Since then, we have been received many certifications. In 2011 JMS became ISO 9001-2011 registered, and we are now registered as ISO 9001-2015.



JMS is proud to announce its ties to the surrounding community. We actively partner with local Universities by hiring students as interns to bring their unique insights to our company. 


JMS prides itself on strong work ethic, diverse talent pools, top of the line equipment, and dedicating our work to your specific needs. Our standards for excellence encourages our employees to make products that fulfill and exceed our customer's expectations.   


JMS works extremely hard to maintain a green work environment. In our business, quality also means to meet and improve on all environmental requirements, including waste and pollution reductions. We offer and recommend to our customers, environmentally friendly, low emissions processes and materials.

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We at JMS Composites would like to help you with your needs. Contact us to see how we can help your business and your bottom line. 

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