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Compression Molding


A method of molding in which the material and catalyzed resin are placed in a an open, normally heated, mold. The mold is closed with a top, forcing  the material to contact all the mold's surfaces. The pressure is maintained until the material has cured. 


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)


RTM is a low pressure, closed molding process that offers a dimensionally accurate and high quality surface finish composite molding. Typically, polymers of epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester or phenolic are used with various types of reinforcement. 


Lite Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)


A low cost entry method into RTM using a rigid cavity mold half and the other half being semi-rigid. Both are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This process is capable of producing three to four times as many castings as produced through open mold.


Hand Lay Up


A single surface mold is used for this process. Fabric and catalyzed resin are placed against the mold surface and brushes and rollers are used to eliminate air pockets. Thickness is governed by the number of material layers on the mold. Different strengths can be achieved by using different base materials and resins. This process only provides one finished surface. Its major benefits are low tooling cost and ability to make extremely large parts economically. 


Spray Up


A chop and spray gun is used to simultaneously deposit fiberglass chopped roving and catalyzed resin into the mold in an adaptation of the hand lay-up process. Workers roll out the spray-up to compact the laminate. Wood, foam or other core materials may then be added, and a secondary spray-up layer embeds the core between laminates.


JMS also has the ability to have this process done automatically. We have acquired a robot capable of depositing the fiberglass and resin. 



The Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Five Axis Router allows for the precise machining of molds, patterns, and fabricated production parts. The CNC Router allows for a more accurate and consistent product from one to hundreds of pieces. We can utilize your 3D Solid Works model to machine your product from inception to completion. Our operators have more than 50 years machining experience in both aerospace and automotive industries.


JMS Composites can assist in your product design for manufacturing to ensure your success. We will:

  • Assist you with product design using CAD systems

  • Help you convert designs from sheet metal (or other materials) to composite materials

  • Help you manage your project from start to finish

  • Work with subcontractors, procure components, and deliver a complete assembly


Our tooling process produces quality and repeatable parts. JMS Composites has CNC capabilities to create master molds and fixtures, allowing us to consistently meet your quality requirements. These options include:

  • Building a CNC machined master directly from your drawing or CAD file

  • Building temporary molds, or high quality production molds

  • Building molds using composite materials, aluminum, wood, silicone or plaster

  • Building jigs and fixtures to ensure high quality and repeatable composite manufacturing processes

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